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Online school proves to be a challenge for students

Online schooling due to Coronavirus has become very challenging for many students, possibly even more challenging than regular school.

Julia Kasabian '21, Web Arts Editor

March 27, 2020

Online school is new to almost all of us. We’re so used to going to school, seeing our friends and meeting with teachers, which has all been taken away due to coronavirus.  Online school has proven to be challenging, to say the least. Not only is there more work, it’s harder to complete and ...

GFA eliminates AP courses

A student shows her packed schedule with two of her AP classes being in the afternoon.

Rebecca Kanfer '21, Paper Sports editor

February 25, 2020

The bell rings. Students stuff their pencils and papers back into their bags. Anxious looks are shot towards the teacher collecting the tests. The class exits as murmurs about the exam stream down the hallway. Stress and anxiety build as students await their grade. This experience is common among students...

Students decide if Senior Skip Days are useless or useful

The senior section of the cafeteria sits empty during free period while many decide to stay at home during senior skip day.

Samantha Felner '22 and Jack Lev '20

February 10, 2020

Budgeting time for schoolwork is imperative

Budgeting time for schoolwork is imperative

Hannah Bolandian ’19

February 5, 2019

Staples students are notorious for being stressed out and overloaded with work, especially around midterm and final exams. However, this normality is preventable. With second semester now in full swing, students have a clear slate to start fresh and take a new approach to time management if needed. ...

Homework volume does not correlate with rigor

A Staples High School senior works to complete hours of homework. Stanford University researchers identified between 90 and 150 minutes as the “optimal” amount of homework in 2014.

Sophie Driscoll ’19

January 16, 2019

At higher levels of certain courses, difficulty of content increases slightly but volume of homework increases dramatically. However, homework quantity does not correlate with academic rigor. Of course, some students override into high-level classes without the necessary  foundation for success...

Take a break!

Take a break!

December 21, 2017

By Brianna Zeiberg '19 Recently, a new rule has been implemented throughout the district to reduce student stress during breaks: the removal of all homework. During all extended weekends and long breaks, such as December, February and April break, students are expected to take a break from their ...

Put down the pencil and go to bed

Put down the pencil and go to bed

October 23, 2017

By Roxy Augeri ’20 It’s fateful Tuesday morning, and you take a look around at your first period classroom. Across the room, a conversation like this is occurring; “Oh my gosh. Guess what happened last night. I got to bed at 9:30. Isn’t that amazing?” “Are you joking? I got five hou...

The problem with summer assignments

The problem with summer assignments

June 16, 2017

By Kevin Ludy '19 The 2016-2017 school year is coming to a close and students are getting ready for summer, but one thing is spoiling the joyous mood: summer assignments. Every year, Staples releases the summer assignment list for AP classes. These rigorous tasks are intended to prepare students...

Administration stuck: Help or no help administration scrutinized

Staples High School

Cate Casparius

February 27, 2017

Cate Casparius '19 In an attempt to please the students and parents of Staples High School, the administration seems to be damned if they do and damned if they don’t. I have an incredible amount of respect and empathy for James D’Amico taking the role of head principal at a school recoveri...

We need couches

We need couches

October 6, 2016

By: Eliza Goldberg '17 Creative Director I, like most high school students, am plagued with a perpetual feeling of exhaustion every time I step foot into the Staples High School building. Over the years I have been known to attempt different ways to take a coveted nap in school; unfortunately, none...

Staples MD system checker

Staples MD system checker

Chase Emilio, Staff Writer

April 27, 2016

What is senioritis? Senior(noun) is defined as holding a high position, in this case it's a fourth year student on the verge of graduating high school. The Suffix -itis is classified as an inflammatory disease, or something that spreads in mindset. Senioritis can also be classified as an STD, which...

5 Reasons For and Against Attending Morning Practices

5 Reasons For and Against Attending Morning Practices

Josiah Tarrant, Staff Writer

March 31, 2016

When the clock in the locker-room strikes 5:21 a.m., I, along with many other Staples athletes, am preparing for a morning practice. While the rest of Staples is asleep in cozy, comfy beds, this select group of swimmers, baseball players and hockey players are pushing themselves to their mental and ...

How to succeed in second semester without really trying

Emma Berry, Opinions Editor

April 7, 2015

It is now nearing the end of March of my senior year, and my long, treacherous journey through high school is almost behind me. In two short months I will be saying my goodbyes to my teachers, the table in the senior section I’ve learned to call home and, of course, the infamous sandwich line. I l...

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