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Procrastination Responsible For Lack Of Sleep

Procrastination Responsible For Lack Of Sleep

December 22, 2010

Editorial Most students at Staples bring something else besides a notebook and a pen to their first period classes. Frequently, these kids are seen carrying cups filled to the brim with a caffeinated beverage. Why? Because, according to an Inklings poll, only 48 percent of Staples students get more than seven hours of a sleep on an average school night. According to school ...

Crunch Time

Graphic by Emily Kowal '12

June 11, 2010

Every student is counting down the number of days, minutes, and seconds until school finally ends. However, instead of counting the time remaining, teachers think about how many additional lessons they can fit in before school lets out. Just as I think I am coming down the home stretch and can already fee...

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