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Prisons must adjust to coronavirus spreading through packed cells

Prisoners packed in tight spaces make it difficult to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and steps must be taken to slow the spread throughout jails.

Karina Murray '22, Staff Writer

April 27, 2020

Prisons are packed. The coronavirus is contagious and deadly. These two facts do not blend well. This mixture has served as a recipe for disaster in prisons all around the world, where coronavirus has quickly infected prisoners who practically live on top of one another. So government leaders are faced...

Stop & Shop adjusts hours to accommodate patrons ages 60 and over

Stop & Shop added a window of time from 6:00 AM to 7:30 AM for customers ages 60 and over to shop alone, effective March 19, as this age group is highly vulnerable to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Emma Van Riper ’20, Social Media Director

March 23, 2020

Stop & Shop added a window of time from 6:00 AM to 7:30 AM for customers ages 60 and over to shop alone, effective March 19, as this age group is highly vulnerable to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). The store hours for the rest of customers will be from 7:30 AM to 8:00 PM, which will give wor...

Coronovirus prompts mix of emotions, needs to be given a closer look

Teachers give homework for students to complete during the two weeks of school closure.

Prasaus Yeager ’22, Staff Writer

March 14, 2020

March 11 will be a date that will be forever ingrained into my mind. I remember sitting in the choir room and getting a text that schools were closed indefinitely and it was possible that someone in Staples had contracted the virus. And as the bell rang and every student celebrated the cancellation of ...

Health officials discover Coronavirus in Danbury

As March 6, at least 20 U.S states have had confirmed cases of COVID- 19, some resulting in deaths. Residents of all states are taking precautions to decrease the chance of contracting the virus.

Lucy Arrow '21, Paper Features Editor

March 8, 2020

The first case of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) in Connecticut was discovered in Danbury on March 6, found in a nurse working at the Danbury Hospital and Norwalk Hospital. The nurse is a New York State resident and is self quarantined in her home.  Although the nurse does not live in Connecticut, the hospital is...

Staples cafeteria meets the majority of students’ needs

Nick Armentano ’22 enjoys a sandwich from the Staples cafeteria.

Charley Guthartz '22 and Ella Stoler '22

February 12, 2020

Coronavirus spreads near Connecticut

Coronavirus spreads near Connecticut

Giselle Oldani ’22, Web Arts Editor

February 7, 2020

The Massachusetts Department of Health confirmed a case of the coronavirus in Boston on Feb.1.  A man contracted the virus through a visit to Wuhan, China and returned to the University of Massachusetts to immediately contact health officials.  Concerns are low, as the man is recovering at h...

The assembly that shocked the school… or did it?

42% of high school seniors reported vaping at some point in their lifetime in a 2018 survey conducted by Monitoring the Future. A comparatively lower figure of 36% of 12th graders reported the same in 2017.

Caroline Donohue '20, Business Manager

January 7, 2020

Tricia Dahl from Yale School of Medicine presented Vaping: The Youth Epidemic” to a school-wide assembly on Dec. 5, 2019 in order to spread the word about the dangers of vaping. Was this assembly necessary to have and was it effective for our Staples students?  The answer is yes.  Over the...

Gilbertie’s Winter Farmers’ Market reopens for the season

The Westport Farmers’ Market has been ranked as one of the 10 best farmers’ markets in Connecticut and has thousands of customers looking to purchase goods every week.

Caroline Donohue '20, Business Director

January 5, 2020

The Winters Farmers’ Market reopened for the winter season in November at Gilbertie’s Herb Gardens and has been drawing crowds ever since. The market runs weekly every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. through March 14.   The farmers’ market was founded in order to introduce new vendors and fo...

Staples Vaping Seminar’s Effect On Student Body

Trisha Dahl of Yale School of Medicine visits Staples High School in efforts to warn students on the dangers of vaping. She spoke on the long-term and short term consequences of e-cigarettes on teenagers.

Caroline Donohue '20 and Emily Stone '20

January 5, 2020

Students discuss the impact of the vaping presentation

Students discuss the impact of the vaping presentation

Abby Fleming '20 and Mia Daignault '20

December 20, 2019

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