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For Tiger, It’s All About the Ads

Graphic by Alix Neenan '12

March 30, 2010

Kate McNee ’11 Head Copy Editor On Feb. 19, during break, I, like many other students I’m sure, was watching the Olympics when I decided to turn on Tiger Woods’ press conference about his infidelity. This is a bold statement to say, but, in a way, I found Tiger Woods’ whole press c...

The Winter’s Finest

SHOOT TO SCORE: Varsity player Jenn Hoets ’11 made a lasting impression in her first year on the team. “She helped out with basically everything standing job on both offense and defense,” said Head Coach Daivd Rollison.

March 12, 2010

Becca Bobrow '11 Opinions Editor New to the girls’ ice hockey team this year, Jenn Hoets ’11 really made the most of her rookie season. She was fast on the puck, and as Head Coach David Rollison said “dumped it in when she was supposed to,” which was a huge asset to the team. He...

Acting Out: The Science of One Acts

Photo By Madeline Hardy '11

February 3, 2010

December 17, 2009: Three weeks before the show Actor Madeline Seidman’13As most shows progress rehearsal time becomes more and more imperative to an actor. For Madeline Seidman ‘13 rehearsal after school two weeks before the first showing of the DMV Tyrant consists of running through the show o...

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