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Halloween celebrations differentiated throughout Staples

Jess Leon ’22, Charley Guthartz ’22, Viola Geismann ’22, Alie Shutze ’22, Ava Ekholdt ’22 and Gaby Gonzalez ’22 dressed in their playful costumes for trick-or-treating at the beach.

Brooke Dembin, Assistant Creative Director

November 12, 2019

Now that Halloween has come and gone, I was left reflecting on the holiday and found myself conflicted.  As a teenager, I wondered if my time for celebrating Halloween has come and gone. Is it possible to be too old to go trick-or-treating? Should teens be going to a party or hangout instead of dre...

Students and staff express enthusiasm for Halloween through school traditions

Student and staff around the school celebrate Halloween through different traditions in class. Different sports teams, such as cheer, dress up for practice in spirit for the holiday along with the English department, who dresses up in a group costume.

Lucy Arrow '21, Paper Features Editor

November 6, 2019

From the wide variety of Halloween school events, including Spooktacular in elementary school to Monster Mash in middle school, all Westport Public Schools have found some way to celebrate the spooky holiday: Halloween. Despite the fact that what was scary in middle school (skeleton cartoons, witch costumes...

Individual Halloween costumes allow for less stress,drama

Graphic by: Lia Chen '20

Amanda Rowan '22, Staff Writer

October 30, 2019

 With Halloween quickly approaching, the list is endless in deciding what costumes you’ll choose for this special day, and it is popular for individuals to coordinate their Halloween costume with a group of friends. I have enjoyed the experience of costume coordinations for Halloweens past. Ever sinc...

Earthplace campfire provides engaging community-building environment

Friends and families gather around the Earthplace campfire, making s’mores and listening to spooky campfire stories.

Lyah Muktavaram '22, Staff Writer

October 23, 2019

Complete with the refreshing waft of sugary s’mores, the tingling chill of spooky stories by the light of the flickering campfire and the showcasing of a brown bat, the Earthplace campfire offered a variety of activities for families of all ages and abilities to enjoy. On Oct. 11, Earthplace held...

Westport Historical Society’s festivities haunt, but also educate

A horse carriage arrives at the Westport Historical Society for the Family Creep Fest, which offers families hayrides throughout downtown. Photo by Anastasia Thumser '22.

Anastasia Thumser ’22, Web Opinions Editor

October 10, 2019

Ghoulish games, petrifying pumpkins and horrifying hayrides are just a few of the activities at the Family Creep Fest, which occurred on Oct. 5. With Halloween quickly approaching, the Westport Historical Society (WHS) ensures its festivities are kicked off with a proper sense of fear and fun, while ...

SATIRE: Trick-or-treating commercialization corrupts Westport

SATIRE: Trick-or-treating commercialization corrupts Westport

November 1, 2018

By Katie Howard '19   Westport has lush parks, competitive schools, and sidewalks clean enough to eat off of. We have everything: a good community, good restaurants and most of all, good people. But one thing threatens to disrupt this peace: Halloween. Every year, this wolf in a sheep’s costume...

Three delicious ways to make the best roasted pumpkin seeds

Three delicious ways to make the best roasted pumpkin seeds

October 30, 2018

By Hannah Schmidt '19 COMPLETED OCT 25 ...

New thriller will get you in Halloween mood

New thriller will get you in Halloween mood

October 30, 2018

By Teddy Dienst ’20 Finally, a movie about Halloween that is actually scary. The thriller movie “Halloween”, directed by David Gordon Green, did a great job putting me in the Halloween spirit. It was released on October 19 and social media has been buzzing about it ever since. Serial killer...

Getting ready for the top treats of Halloween

Getting ready for the top treats of Halloween

October 30, 2018

By Kevin Rabacs '19 and Teddy Dienst '20

Staples students keep the Halloween spirit alive

Staples students keep the Halloween spirit alive

Rebecca Kanfer ’21, Staff Writer

October 25, 2018

It’s that time of the year again where corn mazes and pumpkins replace beaches and sun screen. Candy corn, ghost decorations and fake spider webs have consumed the shelves and are flying off just as quick. It’s the long awaited season of Halloween. With Oct. 31 just around the corner, eager k...

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