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Have Yourself a Merry Little… Vacation

Have Yourself a Merry Little... Vacation

December 22, 2010

Jingle bell rock, Santa hats, and eggnog mean nothing to me each Christmas season. Sitting on the beach or skiing down the Colorado mountains is more what I imagine for my Christmas vacation. For me, and most of the other Jews out there, Christmas is just another day of the year. Obviously, from the lights, trees and holiday...

Nightmare on Main Street

December 22, 2010

I enter the mall a happy, holiday-spirited teen, ready to buy gifts for Christmas. I leave the mall completely broke and having a major case of “shopping stresses me out” syndrome, which is nearly impossible for a girl to have. First of all, you should probably know that I celebrate both Christmas and Chanukah even though I am fully Jewish. And by ce...

An unhealthy dose of Christmas

December 22, 2010

Last Christmas morning, no explosive holiday spirit emerged from my room. I did not wake up first, or sprint down the stairs in utter excitement, or satisfyingly stare the plethora of presents five hours after they had been arranged. No, on my Christmas morning I woke up at nine a.m. with a humidifier at my side, thre...

Sprit Week (Minus the Spirit)

Sprit Week (Minus the Spirit)

November 10, 2010

Every year the week before homecoming, Staples has a "spirit week." The purpose of this is to bring the school together and create a sense of community in a fun way. There's something about being a senior that makes the week all the more special. We are now the head of the school. The leaders. The "top dogs." So by participating in spirit week, we're representing the pride and love we have for St...

No, I'm Not Ready For My Close-up

No, I'm Not Ready For My Close-up

November 8, 2010

Walking through the hallway during Spirit Week had been a small adventure of dodging and avoiding being in the background of pictures. One of the worst things for me is being in the background of a picture. Imagine a group of girls all dressed as matching cats, making funny faces for the camera, and when the picture shows up in your mini feed ...

Anime Club Will Go to Boston for Conference

A Different Type of Art: Members of the anime club know not only how to appreciate the medium, but they know how to draw it beautifully as well. | Graphic by Maddie Kimble ‘12

April 1, 2010

Members of the Staples Anime Club will go to Boston, Mass. this upcoming weekend for an annual conference to celebrate Japanese animation, comics, and pop culture with other anime fans. “[At the conference], we will be able to watch television series, go to anime panels, observe anime costuming, see screenings of new anime show...

For Tiger, It’s All About the Ads

Graphic by Alix Neenan '12

March 30, 2010

Kate McNee ’11 Head Copy Editor On Feb. 19, during break, I, like many other students I’m sure, was watching the Olympics when I decided to turn on Tiger Woods’ press conference about his infidelity. This is a bold statement to say, but, in a way, I found Tiger Woods’ whole press c...

3-Dimensional Television: Expensive, Useless, and a Hassle

Graphic by Jonathan Foster.

February 24, 2010

Jonathan Foster '11 Staff Writer Watching film in 3D has been around since the beginning of the twentieth century, and since then has made great strides, adding depth to many movies, such as the new hit, Avatar. Although this technology has only been used in movie theaters, coming in 2010, people will be able to watch television in 3D, right in the...

Budget and Questions Slow Adoption of Graphic Novels Course

Above, the BOE deliberates at a June 2009 meeting. | Photo by Madeline Hardy '11

February 24, 2010

Petey Menz '11 News Editor During the fall of 2009, English teacher Jesse Bauks, art teacher Carla Eichler and English K-12 Coordinator Lisabeth Comm geared up to present a graphic novels course, hoping that it would be included in the 2010-11 curriculum. However, Superintendent Elliott Landon decided the...

Should We Be Worried About the Swine Flu?: H1N1 is a Serious Problem

Graphic by Jake Baron '13

November 4, 2009

Jordan Shenhar '13 Staff Writer Despite the public’s skepticism, swine flu is a highly dangerous and contagious disease. Although it may be true that swine flu was exaggerated by the media last spring, H1N1 mutated into a more potent virus over the summer. Because it contains DNA from swine...

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