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Students Artwork Draws Different Interpretations

What might students see if they take a moment to stop and look?  Photo by Madeline Hardy 11'

June 22, 2010

Sam Bortniker '11 A & E Web Editor  It’s easy to miss, rushing to class. It takes one glance to notice the six Middle Eastern women holding AK-47 machine guns. It only takes one glance to become mesmerized by the expressions of their staring eyes. The concern is what stud...

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November 25, 2009

Isaac Stein '12 Staff Writer Four tests in six hours. Somehow, I need to find solace in doing something completely unproductive for at least 15 minutes of my free period. It’s period seven, so the cafeteria is closed and I can’t find a sandwich to alleviate my problems. I, instead, look to the ...

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