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Staples students offer Valentines Day gift ideas

As Valentine's Day approaches, Jackson Hochhauser ’22 shows his appreciation for his friend by gifting him candy.

Ella Stoler '22 and Jacob Greenberg '22

February 10, 2020

Top 5 homemade Mother’s Day gifts

Top 5 homemade Mother's Day gifts

Daniela Karpenos, Web News Editor

May 12, 2014

1.Breakfast in Bed The best way to start was to bring your mom a tray of coffee, creamer, and a spoon to stir. It was also a good idea to adorn the breakfast try with a hand-picked flower, a glass of orange juice, and a personalized card. 2. Baked treats While this gift requires a fair amount of ...

Let’s Not Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth: College-motivated charity is still beneficial

December 3, 2010

Editorial According to Principal John Dodig, the amount of community service performed at Staples “far exceeds” the amount at any other school at which he has worked. It is true that there are many community service organizations at Staples and that they serve very different needs. Students are taking the initiative to volunteer their time without t...

Sam’s Holiday Wishlist / CC BY 2.0

December 19, 2009

Samantha Freeman '11 Web A&E Editor As the holiday season comes around, it is inevitable for me to plan my wishlist. Although my list could go on forever, here are my top 5: 1. Subscription to the Fitness Edge New Years resolution: become more active and less of a couch potato. ...

Making a Holiday List is Very Difficult

Graphic by Caroline Wu '13

December 6, 2009

It’s almost the winter holidays. That means another year of indecision and disappointment among teenagers. As the time draws closer, everybody is asking themselves the same question. What do I want? That’s a question that is surprisingly difficult to answer. Some people ask for money so they c...

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