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Isabelle Amlicke takes on EXTRA extracurriculars

Isabelle Amlicke takes on EXTRA extracurriculars

June 1, 2017

By Hannah Bolandian and Chelsea Fox '19 While many students participate in multiple extracurricular activities to put on their college resumes, Isabelle Amlicke ’19 participates to pursue an array of interests and talents. Amlicke’s favorite activity is Builders Beyond Boarders (B3). She has been parti...

Volunteers Learn How to Save Lives

Picture courtesy of Westport Emergency Medical Services

May 18, 2017

By Chelsea Fox ’19 Staples students often have rigorous and impressive after school activities, but not every student gets to say they spend more than 250 hours a week training to become a paramedic. However, a large number of Staples students spend their time dedicated to emergency medical servi...

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