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Upcoming Senior Internships Excite Students but Worry Some Teachers

April 16, 2010

Stevie Klein ’12 Web Features Editor  From September until December, Joyce Eldh went town to town, searching for 200 new internship positions, going to company sites, brochures and emailing any that seemed applicable for the 2010 seniors. She was more than successful. This year, over 300...

Rebuilding the World with Builders Beyond Borders

March 12, 2010

 Alicia Lourekas ’12 Web Sports Editor In just a week, 30 B3 (Builders Beyond Borders) students can dig big trenches with heavy tools, make cement block lines to transport materials, build houses and latrines, bring sufficient water supply to impoverished countries, along with many other community...

JSA Beats Weather Down to D.C. for “Winter Congress”

Members of the JSA club pose at the

March 2, 2010

Each year the Junior State of America (JSA) club visits Washington, D.C. for “Winter Congress,” a gathering of high school students in a mock Congress convention. Normally, they are greeted with balmier than Westport weather.But instead of a short respite from arctic temperatures, the 40 students on the c...

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