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Staples loses battle to Stamford in final seconds

The Wrecker's offense runs the ball around the 30 yard line.

Dylan Donahue, Sports Editor

October 5, 2014

On a chilly Thursday night, Staples embarked on what would become one of the most suspenseful games to date.  In contrast to Staples 34-0 win over Westhill at last weeks homecoming, this game was a real battle until the very end. Though Staples fought hard the entire game, the final score was 37-34 S...

Wreckers dominate to shut out Wilton

Wreckers dominate to shut out Wilton

Adam Kaplan, Sports Editor

September 23, 2014

Coming into Friday night there were a lot more questions than usual for the Wreckers (1-1). Could a backup quarterback be thrusted into the spotlight and succeed; could a sophomore running back be given a senior’s responsibility; and could a team rebound from heartbreak? Luckily for the navy and blue, none of that seemed to hurt Coach Marce Petroccio’s smash-mouth attack as the Wrecke...

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