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New authentic courses proposed to upgrade our English curriculum

October 26, 2016

By Caroline Blevins ’18 English teacher Kim Herzog and culinary teacher Cecily Gans have been creating a new food literature course for about a year now. They recently proposed this course to the...

[Sept. 2016 Features] English teacher prompts resilience and creativity from the Bronx to Westport

October 11, 2016

By Becky Hoving '17 Managing Editor and Kayla Sirlin '19 Assistant Business Manager While some A.P. Literature classes begin by paging through annotated copies of “Jane Eyre” or “Hamlet,” English...

African American Lit: The Staples elective that has yet to be elected

African American Lit: The Staples elective that has yet to be elected

Josiah Tarrant, Assistant Business Manager June 2, 2016

At 15 years-old I am a Staples sophomore. I have spent 13 years in school where I've had the privilege of being taught by close to 50 teachers. None of those teachers have been African American....

Ms. Krikorian Adjusts to the Halls of Staples with her Passion for English and Journalism

Sasha Narang and Erin Lynch May 10, 2016

Heading straight out of the journalism industry and into the halls of Staples, Sarah Krikorian is one of the newest additions to the English department. Sharing her passion and enthusiasm with her...

Top five classes to take

Top five classes to take

Chase Emilio, Staff Writer February 28, 2016

Throughout my highschool career, I took many many classes that I liked and disliked. Some required, and others I took at my leasure. But there were a select few which I really appreciated. These are my...

Course additions expand Staples’ curriculum

Course additions expand Staples’ curriculum

Claudia Chen, Paper Managing Editor November 30, 2015

On Nov. 23, the Board of Education unanimously approved nine new courses at Staples High School for the 2016-17 school year. The courses are AP Music Theory, Mandarin Chinese 5, AP Chinese Language and...

Czech foreign exchange student joins Staples community

Justine Seligson, Photo Editor September 9, 2014

When Martin Dolezal boarded his plane in the Czech Republic heading for a year-long stay in the United States, he had no sincere expectations for what would be on the other side. Basing his previous knowledge...

Sophomore takes seventh in state writing contest

Sophomore takes seventh in state writing contest

Aileen Coyne, Staff Writer June 5, 2014

Staples sophomore Sam Sheppard placed seventh in the Connecticut Young Writers Trust Competition for a piece she submitted, written in English class. This was Sheppard’s first time entering a writing...

Sophomores balance control and choice on their research paper

Sophomores balance control and choice on their research paper

Jackie Cope and Jessica Gross March 16, 2014

Often referred to as “the guinea pig year,” the 2014 sophomores have been no strangers to change. The once solid foundations of junior year have become shakier and shakier as this year goes on. So...

Original image from Wikimedia Commons by Antonio Litterio

Writing for Real: Two Students Win National Awards

Zoe Brown, Features Editor May 13, 2013

“If you want to encourage students to be writers, they need to be writing for a real audience,” said Julie Heller, 6-12 Coordinator for English. “They need to be publishing their work.” One way...

To Take or Not to Take? Juniors and Seniors Deciding on an English Class

October 5, 2010

Image via Wikipedia 1, 2, 3…Go! As Staples juniors set in to their busiest year of high school, many have already begun the complicated process of completing the research paper. Looking at how the...

High Stakes, Higher GPAs

October 1, 2010

Image by Feras Hares via Flickr Editorial There’s something vaguely disturbing about the number of kids who take AP classes simply to boost their GPAs. However, these classes also come with a...

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Seniors Prepare for Internships, Teachers Expect Smaller Classes

April 16, 2010

On Sept. 1, Scott Grundei ’10 walked into his Advanced Placement (A.P.) English Literature class of 20 other students.  On May 17, Grundei will walk into a class of two – just himself and his...

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