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Unpleasant surprise for AP students on finals

June 10, 2014

For all of the AP students who thought they could skip the final, now that AP tests are done, think again. Principal John Dodig sent an email out to all teachers of AP classes on Monday, stating that students...

Administration praises homecoming behavior

A packed crowd stands for the white-out.
October 2, 2013

This year’s homecoming football game was truly one of a kind. The past three homecoming football games have been scheduled either early mornings or midweek nights. This year, however, was different....

It’s Summer—Reading?

It's Summer—Reading?
June 1, 2013

Staples students officially end the school year the day they take their last final. However, the homework doesn't end there. Although they have more time, students have to complete assignments over...

Crossing the Line: Staples and the Doninger Free Speech Case

May 27, 2011

  Cheyenne Haslett '13 & Claire O'Halloran '13 Web News Editor & Web Features Editor Feeling angry, Shapiro recorded a video on a friend’s Facebook wall manifesting her frustration....

Snow Day on Wednesday Means Exams Would Be Pushed Back

January 10, 2011

Early predictions of a snow day on Wednesday, Jan. 12 have caused the school's administration to develop a contingency plan for the upcoming midterm exams. "I sent out an email about three weeks ago...

New Lenient Internship Policies Welcome More Participants

December 22, 2010

As the end of second quarter approaches, seniors begin to anticipate the many advantages that come with being a second semester senior. The senior internship program is one of the privileges that a number...

Staples Parents Become Significant Financial Provider for Wrecker Athletics

December 3, 2010

When it comes to athletic facilities in the state of Connecticut, it doesn’t get much better than Staples High School. Three turf fields, one brand new baseball diamond, one newly renovated field hockey...

Conditioned Failure: AC freezes students in school

December 3, 2010

From freezing to hot to everything in between, it is difficult enough to cope with the ever-changing seasons of the Northeast. Now, with Staples’ incomprehensibly stupid air conditioning (AC) system,...

Let’s Not Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth: College-motivated charity is still beneficial

December 3, 2010

Editorial According to Principal John Dodig, the amount of community service performed at Staples “far exceeds” the amount at any other school at which he has worked. It is true that there are many...

Do Vacations Give Students a Break?

November 22, 2010

Will McDonald '14 Staff Writer For some students, a total break from school is a distant fantasy. This is because that even over the so-called breaks, the stress that results from the never ending supply...

Loeffler Field Vandalized

November 18, 2010

Staples' Loeffler Field was vandalized at some time before school on Nov. 18 when an as yet unknown individual or group of individuals forced open a gate and drove a car over the field, destroying...

Leaky Manhole Prompts Shutting Off of Water Supply

October 19, 2010

Image via Wikipedia On October 19 at 2:30 p.m., the Staples water supply will be shut off, though it will be restored for school the following day. "There's been a leak out by the tennis court for...

Arrests on Staples Campus

Arrests on Staples Campus
December 8, 2008

On Friday Dec. 5, five Staples students were arrested on school premises with various charges relating to the possession of illegal substances, in some cases with intent to sell or purchase the substances....

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