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Riveting documentary, “The Social Dilemma” challenges perceptions of social media

As “The Social Dilemma” explains, social media apps such as these are run by human-made algorithms programmed to interpret user data and create a specific feed for each consumer.

Anastasia Thumser ’22, Web News Editor

September 26, 2020

As teenagers, we are often reminded of the trite adage that technology is taking over our lives. Complaints of academic stress, frustration over extracurriculars or even a measly headache will trigger an immediate parental response of “it’s that darn phone!” Although their remarks usually receive...

“Becoming” Review: A glimpse into Michelle Obama’s life

Michelle Obama documentary 'Becoming' premiered on Netflix on May 6, 2020, presenting connections with her bestseller memoir.

Maria Krug ’22, Web Opinions Editor

May 17, 2020

We all know her as the former first lady of the United States, but this documentary will allow you to view her as more than just that. “Becoming,” a documentary about Michelle Obama, showcases her life in a more up close and personal viewpoint.  It begins with a journey alongside Michelle Obama durin...

‘The Last Dance’ provides reprieve for sports fans worldwide

With two episodes each Sunday for the next five weeks, sports fans have something to look forward to in the short-term.

Ethan Frank ’20

April 27, 2020

On the day LeBron James and the Cavaliers celebrated the first championship in Cleveland in over 50 years, Michael Jordan finally agreed to make a documentary using footage very little people had seen. After winning five championships in seven years, the 1997-1998 Chicago Bulls allowed a film crew to...

Staples students praise new Netflix documentaries

Staples students praise new Netflix documentaries

Ivy Prince ‘17, Web A&E Editor

November 6, 2016

Netflix recently uploaded an abundance of new television shows and movies for their viewers to enjoy. One section that they really focused on was ‘Documentaries.’ Netflix’s variety of new documentaries range from films about eating right and our planet Earth, to murder cases, to even how our brain...

Documentaries with a Twist

(From left: Fred Armisen, Seth Myers, Bill Hader)

October 14, 2016

“Documentary Now!” is a comedy series that spoofs celebrated documentary films. Created by “Saturday Night Live” alumni Bill Hader, Seth Meyers, Fred Armisen and director Rhys Thomas, the show parodies the style of documentaries with a similar, but fictitious subject. The show is currently in...

Chelsea Handler strides on to Netflix

Chelsea Handler strides on to Netflix

William Dumke, Staff Writer

May 6, 2016

After creating a successful talk show, starring in a series of stand up comedy shows and writing several books, Chelsea Handler has come to Netflix in a four part documentary exploring current events around the world. Seeing a middle aged blonde woman do drugs in one episode then talk about racism...

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