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Female directors snubbed in 2019 Oscar nominations

Kathryn Bigelow, director of the “The Hurt Locker,” (2009) is the only female in history to earn an Oscar for directing.

Jack Lev ’20

February 4, 2019

Imagine a highly prestigious ceremony: best director is an award; a woman is announced as the winner; she walks up to make her speech. The ceremony you’re imagining is surely not the Oscars. Since 1929, the Oscar nominations have recognized a mere five women in the best-director category: Lina...

Wes Anderson’s style of directing

Wes Anderson’s style of directing

April 25, 2018

By Celia Block ’20 ...

Giving a big round of applause for Vig

Giving a big round of applause for Vig

Maialie Fitzpatrick, Staff Writer

December 3, 2015

Vig Namasivayam ’16 is a name familiar to the Staples community. Along with being the president of Top Hat Tutors -- a student run tutoring agency at Staples -- and the President of the National Honor Society, Vig happens to also be the President and assistant director of Staples Players. “I rea...

Behind the Scenes with MVG: Student Filmmaker Shares Insight, Inspiration

Behind the Scenes with MVG: Student Filmmaker Shares Insight, Inspiration

December 23, 2010

Image via Wikipedia “He knows everything [about movies],” Annie Cooperstone ’13 said when asked about Matthew Van Gessel ’11. There is really no other way to put it— Van Gessel, an involved member of Staples Players, is also an encyclopedia of cinematic knowledge. He has seen dozens of movies and can recall the techniques used in just ...

December 20, 2010 | Tri M Concert

December 20, 2010 | Tri M Concert

December 20, 2010

Photo by Jordan Shenhar '13 2:30 p.m. Band director Nick Mariconda and the Staples Tri M Club prepare to leave to perform a concert at the Beardsley School in Bridgeport. The Tri M Club meets after school and teaches music to students in Bridgeport. ...

Shedding Light On an Old Tradition: Candlelight Concert 2010

Shedding Light On an Old Tradition: Candlelight Concert 2010

December 15, 2010

Photographs by Madeline Hardy'11 On Dec. 10 the 70th annual Candlelight Concert took place at Staples. This was the first concert in over 20 years that the choir had to become accustom to a new choir director, Justin Miller. Miller guided the choir through the three performances, while maintinaing the Candlelight tradition. These photographs follow some of the events as well as behind the scenes of Candlelight....

Alice Lipson, Orphenians Director, Retires

June 23, 2010

Leah Bitsky '12 A&E Editor At Staples Orphenians’ 50th Anniversary Concert on Sunday, Jun. 6th, Conduc- tor Alice Lipson’s eyes closed as she conducted a performance of a song played at her daughter’s graduation. This was the last time Lipson would lead them in chorus. After 22 yea...

Jazz Band Showcases School–Wide Talent

 Nick Mariconda begins practice with the Jazz Band. | Photo by Madeline Hardy '11

April 16, 2010

Constance Chien '10 Features Editor In the four building, Thursday means jazz band. And jazz band means brass sounds emanating from the band room—the sound of several saxophones out–discording each other, the sound of tuning, the sound of a TV on (basketball, naturally) and all of th...

Greenberg Review

April 13, 2010

Ian Phillips '10 A&E Editor Sometimes when you're angry at the world, it's not the world you should be angry at, but rather, at yourself. It takes a lot to portray subtle self-loathing. "Greenberg" does just that. Despite what you may think, "Greenberg" is far away from being a comedy. Y...

One Acts Let Student Directors Express Visions

Director Adam Bangser '10 instructs his actors, Charlotte SMith '12 and Clay SInger '13, in his one act,

December 22, 2009

Sam Freeman ‘11 Web A&E Editor Every Tuesday for over a month, Adam Bangser ’10 had sat in the library surrounded by piles of one act plays and short story books. This was just the beginning of what was to be an extremely long and fulfilling process. Starting Jan. 9, Staples Players will be ...

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