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For the last two decades, superhero blockbusters have dominated the film industry to the indignation of acclaimed filmmakers. In the business’s current state of disrepair, the industry has its heroes in those that have graced the silver screen.

Marvel, DC Comics franchises are the heroes cinema needs

Caroline Coffey '22, Staff Writer March 25, 2022

After nearly two years of halted film production, delayed releases and the ascent of online streaming, the film industry is holding out for a hero.  In 2020, theatrical entertainment amounted to a...

Wonder Woman 1984, released in theatres and HBO Max on Christmas day, fails to meet expectations set by the first film.

‘Wonder Woman: 1984’ fails in face of expectations set by its predecessor

Maya Hruskar ’23, Paper Opinions Editor January 13, 2021

“Wonder Woman 1984” finally premiered in theatres and HBO Max on Christmas day, over three years after the first film in the franchise, “Wonder Woman” (2017), was released.  After 2020’s series...

The group of students in the club visited the National Mall during some time off from learning about the federal government as it applies to JSA.

JSA debates in Washington, D.C.

Hannah Bolandian '19, Paper Sports Editor February 26, 2019

The Junior Statesmen of America club (JSA) at Staples traveled to the Winter Congress Convention in Washington, DC on Feb. 7 for the weekend. JSA is a group of high school students who engage in debates...

[Sept. 2016 Arts] Suicide Squad: new action movie dissatisfies audience

October 11, 2016

By Christoph Russi '18 Web A&E Editor and Benjamin Stein The movie “Suicide Squad” has generated controversy following its release, and a lot of disappointment from loyal DC fans and the average...

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