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The best way to commemorate Indigenous Peoples’ Day is in the classroom

Native Americans deserve to be celebrated in the most effective way possible, as the long past of Indigenous People continue through this day.

Chloe Murray '22, Staff Writer

October 18, 2019

On Monday, Oct. 13, Staples students envied their friends in different school systems who could sleep in for National Indigeous Peoples’ Day while they were in math class. Formerly known as Columbus Day, the holiday is celebrated throughout the country to commemorate Native Americans. However, whet...

Martin Luther King should be celebrated

Martin Luther King should be celebrated

Jake Navarro ’20

January 28, 2019

Leadership, determination and confidence are all attributes that characterize Martin Luther King Jr. But the day named in his honor is characterized by sleeping in, watching Netflix and hanging out. Instead of participating in these lackadaisical activities, students should have to participate in school a...

Celebrating Martin Luther King

Celebrating Martin Luther King

January 15, 2018

By Celia Block '20 You’re sitting in your room, maybe watching some Netflix and scrolling through Instagram photos. It's Martin Luther King day, but have you ever thought about why you aren't in school right now?   We have the day off on Martin Luther King day because it is a holiday tha...

Students feel pressured to attend school when sick

Sick students sometimes come in to school, prioritizing attending class over their health.

Talia Hendel, Staff Writer

October 6, 2013

The hacking coughs. The sniffles and sighs. The blaring “A-CHOOS” and responsive chorus of “bless-you”s. Although coming to school while sick creates a vicious cycle of contaminating others, many students feel that missing class and playing catch-up is not worth the sick day. Many feel...

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