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Staples tennis FCIAC finals

Staples tennis FCIAC finals

May 31, 2017

By: Daniel Harizman '19 Staple Girls' Tennis FCIAC Final FInal from Inklings News on Vimeo....

From Saugatuck norms to college dorms

(Contributed photo, Westport Now)

November 17, 2016

By: Lili Romann ’19 and Daniel Harizman ’19 As they step out on the dock, inhaling the clear, misty air, their high school careers flash in front of them. Recounting on all they have achieved and accomplished lights a spark in their minds and joy pulses throughout their body. They take deep br...

Technology snatching students’ education

Technology snatching students’ education

September 30, 2016

By: Daniel Harizman and Jack Shapiro Students in Staples should have to make a sacrifice in giving up their phone in order to learn in a distraction free environment. Teachers have taken many actions to reduce the diversion of cellular use during class and retain their students’ attention to have...

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