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Nail art permits creative expression

Brooke Dembin '22, Business Manager

September 30, 2020

There are various ways to express oneself, but what if you’re not a fashionista or athlete? What if you don’t have a hobby that makes you stand out from the crowd? How are you supposed to make yourself different from the ordinary person? Two simple words. Nail art.  Nail art is a trend t...

How to be creative during quarantine

Playing with your dogs is one of many ways to stay busy at home.

Evi Tarshis and Kylie Cohen, Staff Writers

May 18, 2020

Craft fanatics from Fairfield County enjoy looking at a variety of items at Craft Westport

People begin to arrive at the entrance of Craft Westport in Staples High School.

Natasha Taubenheim '22, Staff Writer

December 3, 2019

Craft Westport booths lined the Staples High School cafeteria as crowds of Westport residents gathered on the mornings of Nov. 9 and 10. These booths set up by a variety of companies showcased items such as accessories, jewelry, functional and sculptural works, fine art painting, printmaking, drawing...

CraftWestport showcases the hidden gems of the art world

Serena Ye '20, Broadcast Director

November 19, 2019

A low buzz of ambient chatter and the soft shuffling of shoes fill the spacious gymnasium. Leaving the crisp, chilling November wind outside, visitors were welcomed by a whirlwind of bright colors and prints. The warm golden glow of string lights connected each booth to the next, from unique trinkets ...

Camelbaks enter the social scene

Camelbaks enter the social scene

Alex Spadacenta, Staff Writer

March 9, 2015

Being a long time camper, I have become very accustomed to having a Camelbak water bottle at my disposal. Now, they have not only invaded the outdoors scene, but have also made their way into everyday life. Personally, I love it. Camelbaks have become a frenzy at Staples. Everywhere I turn, there...

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