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Best places to work this summer

Best places to work this summer

May 9, 2017

By Erin Lynch '18 and Camryn Ragland '18 Summer is coming up soon, which means freedom from the classroom, an end to hours of homework, and a stress free break from reality. But, with hours to spare comes the need for a job. The Westport job market is hard to navigate for teens looking to work, bu...

Early Release: Students Plan to graduate early

December 3, 2010

Casey Haffner, currently a junior at Staples, will not be attending school for the entire third and fourth quarter of her senior year. She also will not be graduating with the rest of the class of 2012. Instead, Haffner is graduating from Staples in January of her senior year. "When I decided that I...

Entrepreneurial Students Start Their Own Businesses

Entrepreneurial Students Start Their Own Businesses

November 12, 2010

When the school year ended and summer began, Rob DiBarto ’11 and Sam Reznik ’11 were still working hard. “Last year I went to my guidance counselor…[and] she said ‘[if] you’re applying [to colleges] for business, really the best thing to do is start your own business,’” Reznik said. Reznik,...

Looming Deadlines: Early applications add to busy lives of seniors

Looming Deadlines: Early applications add to busy lives of seniors

October 22, 2010

Alexandra O’Kane ’13 Staff Writer   With deadlines of Nov. 1 and Nov. 15 drawing near, seniors who are applying early decision to college find their college application stress growing. According to Guidance Counselor Victoria Capozzi, students at Staples tend to apply to school early because ...

Add/Drop Day FAQ with Guidance Counselor P.J. Washenko

The appointment book for the guidance department is quickly filling up. | Photo by Sammie Hardy '11

September 28, 2010

Liana Sonenclar '14 and Brielle Hutchison '14 Staff Writers Guidance counselor, P.J. Washenko answers Inklings’ questions about Staples’ Add/Drops days. Q: What is Add/Drop day? A: An opportunity to drop a class or rearrange your schedule Q: When is the deadline to add and/or...

Eight Faculty Members Leave Behind Legacy

VALE, MAGISTER: Magister sits with his Latin 2 class in the courtyard. | Photo by Madeline Hardy '11

June 23, 2010

Jordan Shenhar '13 Web Features Editor On June 24, some Staples teachers will leave the building for perhaps the final time. Three teachers, two paraprofessionals, two secretaries, and a guidance counselor are all retiring before the 2010-11 academic year. “I feel very grateful, and am hopeful that I have made a...

June 8, 2010 | Resolving Conflicts

Photo by Emily Goldberg '12

June 8, 2010

11:03 a.m Conflict/resolution scheduling was a conflict in itself. Counselor Micah Lawerence gives directions as the line of students waiting to meet with guidance counselors about problems with their 2010-2011 schedule stretchs down the guidance department hallway....

The Truth Behind Depression in Teenagers

December 22, 2009

Lucas Hammerman ’10 & Emily Goldberg ’12 News Editor & Web Sports Editor I have been drinking a lot, and I have been dating a lot, and I have been doing things that I am really ashamed of. I started smoking, and I did a lot of things while I was drunk, or smoking weed, that I think I ...

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