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Trick or Treat: Westport Houses Decorate Their Streets

October 28, 2010

Dana Rappaport '11 Web Managing Editor Photos by Dana Rappaport '11 Halloween is just around the corner, and as the haunting holiday approaches many houses around Westport decorate their front lawns...

Restricted Call – Teachers Address Cell Phone Use In Class

October 1, 2010

Alix Neenan ’12 Features Editor When students walk into Catalina DeLuca’s Spanish class, they don’t text, they don’t check their email or Facebook, and they don’t play Brick Breaker....

September 29, 2010 | The Breakfast Club

September 29, 2010

9:15 a.m. The Freshman Parent Breakfast was held this morning in the cafeteria. Although their children are only freshman, the term "graduation" is lurking just around the corner.

Stress Relief Between Exams

Photo By Petey Menz '11
January 15, 2010

One small corner in a very large school was the setting for a class party after the semester exam was completed. Exam schedules pack two big tests into one day, but the half hour break, unheard of...

Coach’s Corner: Dave Rollison

Photo by Greg Keiser '09
November 17, 2008

Greg Keiser '09 Web Sports Editor When coaching a team that consists almost exclusively of new players, the most beneficial philosophy is probably to play for fun. Staples' chemistry teacher...

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