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Gap-years become increasingly popular amid COVID-19 limitations

Remy Teltser ’21, Managing Editor

September 26, 2020

After a day of virtual classes and meeting professors online, college students put on their masks and voyage across campus to the closest cafeteria for some grab-and-go food, returning back to their single-bed dorms. For university attendees, a student’s freshman year experience has been nothin...

NCAA new rule change is just the start of what’s to come for college athletes

Samantha Felner '22 and Jack Lev '20

May 30, 2020  

SAT tests must return or applying to college will be a challenge

Although it is hard to think of a way to resume SAT testing during this pandemic, we must find a way or else both colleges and students will endure the consequences.

Marlo Von der Ahe ’20, Staff Writer

May 15, 2020

As the coronavirus keeps life at a standstill, not only has education halted, but the option to take SAT tests has also stopped. This presents a dilemma to students looking to apply to college next year. Since standardized testing is one of the biggest ways for colleges to assess students on whether or...

New rules for sexual assault on college campuses released

New rules for sexual assault on college campuses released

Abby Fleming, Staff Writer

May 14, 2020

New rules have been created regarding sexual assault on college campuses, the most notabe that victims can be cross-examined during hearings. Secretary of Education Betsy Devos announced this new rule on May 6 in conjuction with other policies that will force universities to change how they handle sexua...

Corona disrupts college decisions for seniors

Siri Kanter '20, Staff Writer

May 11, 2020

For the past three years, seniors have eagerly awaited for May 1, 2020: a day where they could represent their selected post-high school plans, confident in their choices. For the class of 2020, however, this image will not be fulfilled. In the age of Covid-19, many seniors feel uncertain and...

Coronavirus brings college students back to Westport

Maria Engler '22, Web Opinions Editor

May 8, 2020

Having to adapt to a new normality during the coronavirus pandemic has not come easily. With schools and universities nationwide being forced to close down, many students have had to pack up their dorm rooms and head back to Westport to continue their learning.  The uncertainty surrounding th...

Colleges become test-optional, relieving students of excess stress

Although standardized testing has been postponed due to these unprecedented circumstances, students still feel the impending stress of working to achieve a higher score. Students utilize textbooks to practice their skills.

Rebecca Kanfer '21, Paper Sports Editor

April 20, 2020

As the 2020 college admissions year comes to a close, aspiring juniors look onward to their upcoming year of the Common Application and the College Board with one noticeable change. Standardized test scores have become unnecessary and furthermore optional with an application for numerous schools due...

Virtual tours inadequately replace college tour experience

Dominican colleges walking virtual tour. Students are being forced to base their college decision on a simple video like this one.

Charlotte Smith '21, Staff Writer

March 26, 2020

Between Spring break, prom, college decision day and graduation, this time of year is packed with important social events for students. The coronavirus has caused a push for social distancing and self-quarantines, meaning most of these milestone affairs have been canceled. The closures of most American...

College Roomates: Search for your new best friend

Many struggle with their search to find a roommate as their senior year of high school comes to an end. Some soon- to-be college freshmen find their roommates through Facebook or through mutual friends, while others go random and hope to bond over similar living preferences.

Emma Van Riper '20, Social Media Director

March 3, 2020

As I approach the third month of knowing where I’m going to college, the panic for the awaited roommate search has begun. With social media nowadays, it’s easy to communicate with people going to the same college as you -- but is all of this necessary? In the class of 2024 Facebook groups, you...

College group chats cause controversy

College group chats cause controversy

Mia Daignault '20 and Abby Fleming '20

February 27, 2020

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