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“Welcome to Marwen” delivers a true comeback story

Jake Navarro '20

January 14, 2019

Graphic by Jake Navarro '20 After watching the preview of "Welcome to Marwen", I expected a heart warming story of a man’s recovery. However, after listening to others, I only heard negatives, but I had to see for myself. “Welcome to Marwen” animates a real life story of Mark Hogancamp who suffers tra...

Pine Creek defines cheap and easy

Pine Creek defines cheap and easy

Jake Navarro ’20

January 6, 2019

Most high schoolers don't have jobs and if they do, they don't earn a lot. For a cheap and quick bite to eat, Pine Creek Deli offers the best options. Located on the border of Westport and Fairfield at 2120 Post Rd., Fairfield, Pine Creek offers an array of options from deli sandwiches to bacon egg and...

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