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Sophomores struggle to prepare for new SAT

Sophomores struggle to prepare for new SAT

Jackie Sussman, Assistant Business Manager

September 19, 2014

Easier vocab? Easier math? An optional instead of required essay? At first glance, these new changes in the notorious Scholastic Aptitude Test, a.k.a. the SAT, may seem beneficial to new participants. And being the first to take the new test, the Class of 2017 should, theoretically, be overjoyed with...

Former Talent Show Undergoes Name Change

May 8, 2011

For years, the Student Assembly has put on a talent show at the end of the year, displaying the wide range of skills Staples students possess. This year, though, the Student Assembly has announced that the talent show will now be called the variety show from now on. Since this announcement, students...

To Change or Not to Change

To Change or Not to Change

December 13, 2010

Will McDonald Staff Writer The boys’ locker room has not been renovated in decades, but due to a school rule that prohibits changing clothing anywhere else, the locker room is the only choice that students have. However, many students elect to ignore the rule and instead change in the school bathrooms. Some actually thi...

Periods 1 and 7 To Be Switched on Mondays Next Year

June 13, 2010

DJ Sixsmith '11 Web Sports Editor After rumors swirled around the school of a schedule change for next year, principal John Dodig and the Collaborative team finally pulled the trigger by announcing that periods 1 and 7 will be swapping places on Monday’s next year. This change means that now perio...

Blowin’ in the Wind, The Merits of Wind Energy

Blowin’ in the Wind, The Merits of Wind Energy

June 12, 2010

Jon Loeb '11 & Cole Manley '11 Staff Writer & Senior Writer If you have glanced at the front cover of a New York Times issue in the past several weeks, or watched any news coverage, you will have likely seen countless pictures of oil spewing out into the Gulf of Mexico and coating innocent pelicans. In the past month, millions ...

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