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SCC 2019 Air Cooled Car Show takes over Westport

SCC Air Cooled Classic Car Show 2019

Izzy Sareen '22 and Natasha Taubenheim '22

October 14, 2019

From Maseratis to Subarus, Jeeps to Volkswagens, there are many styles, brands and types of cars. Convertibles, SUV’s, vans, trucks, sports cars and so many more. Aside from the types of cars, there are hundreds of brands that make them. Volkswagen, Porsche, Jeep, Mercedes, BMW; you name it. The Small Car...

An urgent message to parents: stop idling your cars

An urgent message to parents: stop idling your cars

April 10, 2018

By Ian Bernstein ’18   As anxious moms tap on their steering wheels and wait in the pick-up line for their precious children to exit the school building, they can’t help but leave their car engines running, polluting the environment by the millisecond. Yes, I’m scolding the parents; ca...

Why should people choose Lyft over Uber

Why should people choose Lyft over Uber

January 15, 2018

By Isabella Bullock '19 Uber and Lyft are very similar platforms that people use as a means of transportation; however, there is a division between people who prefer one over the other. Uber was created March 2009, and Lyft was created June 2012. I personally am more familiar with Uber becaus...

Stop taking our spots

Stop taking our spots

Eliza Goldberg

March 23, 2017

Eliza Goldberg '17 An open letter to underclassmen who park on campus without a permit I’m going to preface this by saying that as a junior, I parked at Wakeman. Come April, while other people in my grade were constantly paying off tickets, I was still taking my twice-daily walk to and from my car...

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