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College and Career Center revises plan to keep senior internships

Students will have three options to choose from as their “Reimagined Senior Internship.”

Emily Stone '20, Business Director

April 29, 2020

The College and Career Center announced April 28 that senior internships for the 2020 school year will take place as scheduled.  According to an email sent out to the senior class, students will be able to choose from three different research based options that will act as their internship experience. ...

Kids rush to pick career paths too young

Students are becoming more and more pressured into picking their career paths too young.

Evi Tarshis '20, Paper Arts Editor

February 13, 2020

It is more common than not that you will come across a high schooler who has a perfect sense of what they want to do with his or her life. For me there was no question: it was always Communications. I’ve spent two years of my life exploring the world of journalism and all of its perks and insights...

Juniors explore new careers through job shadow

Juniors explore new careers through job shadow

Dylan Donahue, Sports Editor

June 5, 2014

On Wednesday, May 28, juniors were given the opportunity to participate in the Job Shadow Program.  Though all juniors could fill out an application, the guidance department could only offer shadowing spots to the first 50 applicants .  The program, which offers students the opportunity to shadow so...

Krakowiak '07 Drafted by Seattle in MLB Draft

June 9, 2011

Max Krakowiak '07, former Staples baseball player, was selected in the 48th round of the Major League Baseball First-Year-Player Draft by the Seattle Mariners on Wednesday. Krakowiak, after his accolade-filled career at Staples for both baseball and basketball, attended Fordham University where he participated...

Aldrich Glides to Victory in New England's

Aldrich Glides to Victory in New England's

December 7, 2010

On Nov. 13, Staples senior, Ben Aldrich, placed 22nd overall at the New England State Open Championship race. The grueling course, over 5,300 meters long, is known for being one of the most difficult races in New England. It features sharp turns, large hills, and scattered mud piles that have caused runners to fall an...

Behind the Scenes with Avatar's Production Assistant, Connor Murphy

Graphic of the Navi characters, Neytiri and Jake Sully. Photo from

November 6, 2010

Cover via Amazon In 2009, Avatar became the highest grossing film in the U.S and Canada, and won three academy awards including, Best Cinematography, Best Art Direction, and Best Visual Effects. Staples was lucky enough to host one of the people who helped make these awards a reality: Production Assistant Connor Murphy. In his presentation, Murphy shared both his ...

Jock Talk: Existence of Women’s Professional Sports is Sexist

Jock Talk: Existence of Women’s Professional Sports is Sexist

October 22, 2010

Danica Patrick, an example of a woman in a coed professional sport. | Image by david_shankbone via Flickr Julia Friedman '11 Staff Writer I’m not a complete sexist, even though most people assume me to be.  I support women’s rights.  I’m a fan of equality.  However what I am not a fan of is women’s professional ...

“America’s Next Top Model” Judge Speaks About His New Novel at Barnes and Noble

Esteemed photographer and

September 21, 2010

Pamela Kivi '11 Staff Writer On Wednesday, Sept. 15, “America’s Next Top Model” judge, Nigel Barker paid a visit to the Westport Barnes and Noble to promote his new novel, The Beauty Equation. An eclectic crowd of both young and old fashion junkies and “America’s Next Top ...

Popularity of Junior Job Shadow Program Is On The Rise

May 23, 2010

To many high school students who spend time stressing and focusing on raising GPAs and SAT scores, the idea of pursuing a specific profession that induces their actual interest seems an amazing but distant dream. The Junior Job Shadow program allows students to shadow an adult in any profession...

Newest Polanski Film “The Ghost Writer” Won’t Disappear

The Ghost Writer Movie Poster | Photo From

March 23, 2010

Sammy Warshaw '12 Staff Writer For his entire directorial film career, legendary director Roman Polanski has crafted one absorbing picture after another. His latest work, “The Ghost Writer” is no exception. “The Ghost Writer” is classic Polanski. Its stylish, elegant and memorable. Sure, Polanski’s off scre...

A Coaching Era Comes to a Close: Bruce Betts Steps Down As Girls’ Coach

A Coaching Era Comes to a Close: Bruce Betts Steps Down As Girls' Coach

February 24, 2010

Carlie Schwaeber '12 Web News Sports Editor After 24 years of coaching girls volleyball, Bruce Betts has definitely made his mark. Next year, however, will be a little different. In May 2009, Betts decided to resign as the girls’ varsity coach because, according to Betts, he didn’t want to coa...

Lady Wreckers Improve to 5-2 on Season, Top Westhill 49-37

January 6, 2010

Jesse Heussner '11 and Ross Gordon '11 Features Editor and News Editor Remy Nolan ’12 lit up the scoreboard Jan. 5 against a struggling Westhill Vikings team. Nolan scored 16 points, the team high, which led the team to a 49-37 victory. “Every game we can have a new hero,” Coach Ed Huydic ...

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