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Student IDs would solve school entrance problem 

Student IDs would solve school entrance problem 

Carly Kaplowitz '21, Paper Features Editor

March 17, 2020

Waking up in the morning is usually a struggle for many high school students. Following their morning routines, they have to sit in traffic or park at Wakeman and then hurry into school to avoid being tardy. But instead of being able to walk through the door that is most convenient to them, they are fo...

Tragedy hits the University of Texas at Austin Campus

Tragedy hits the University of Texas at Austin Campus

May 31, 2017

By: Bri Zeiberg '19 Yet another act of violence happened at the University of Texas at Austin on May 1, 2017. An armed suspect by the name of Kendrex White stabbed four male students around 1:47 P.M, fatally injuring one and leaving three in critical condition. “Everyone in the Longhorn community really...

Lady Gaga shocks fans with important PSA

On the left side are what the victims of rape in the music video wrote on their bodies after the incident but those words were later replaced with the quotes on the right after receiving help from family and friends.

Alice Hickson, Web A&E Editor

October 26, 2015

Lady Gaga stunned listeners everywhere on Sept. 18, 2015 with the release of her latest music video for her song, “Till it happens to you.” Most of Lady Gaga’s fans are accustomed to her dressing up in a meat dress and singing about the paparazzi. No one could have imagined what came next. ...

Closed Campus Prevents Reckless Driving, Pranks

Keeping an eye out: School security guard Robert Herrman guards the school exits during the day. | Photo by Madeline Hardy '11

May 28, 2010

Alicia Lourekas '12 Opinions Editor It’s 10:45 on a Monday morning. A student is sitting in class waiting for the bell to ring for lunch, and they start craving a juicy, delicious Five Guys burger. They decide to leave school to go buy one. However, Staples is a closed campus, meaning no one may leave during the day. Although Staples ...

Arrests on Staples Campus

Arrests on Staples Campus

December 8, 2008

On Friday Dec. 5, five Staples students were arrested on school premises with various charges relating to the possession of illegal substances, in some cases with intent to sell or purchase the substances. All five have been suspended, and some face expulsion. Principal John Dodig could give no ...

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