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New iPhone 11 review: newest additions

New iPhone 11 review: newest additions

Charley Guthartz ’22

October 26, 2019

The iPhone 11’s new qualities are all you’re ever going to need on an iPhone. Sure the iPhone 11 Pro has some nicer aspects, but most people don’t need them. So if you are like me and just need the camera for basic purposes, like Instagram photos, spending that extra $300 is not worth it. The newest...

Layoffs leave GoPro consumers hopeful for company’s future

Layoffs leave GoPro consumers hopeful for company’s future

January 25, 2018

GoPro announced plans to cut its workforce by at least 20 percent, reduce the salary of the Chief Executive, Nicholas Woodman, to $1.00 and the company will exit the aerial drone market, on Monday, Jan. 8 2018 This news leaves GoPro owners, like Sebastian Shuken ’18, feeling disappointed for the...

[Oct. 2016 Features] Parker captures photos around the world

November 22, 2016

Molly Mahoney ’18   Instead of tanning at a yacht club or strolling in the sand at Compo Beach, Jessie Parker ’18 opted to see the world this past summer. With a keen eye for art and a desire to travel, Parker flew 2,700 miles to Iceland and embarked on a 21 day photography trip throu...

September 28, 2010 | Lights, Camera, Action

Photo by Nate Rosen '14

September 28, 2010

7:15 a.m. Take two! Set up in front of the theater with multi-color backgrounds and umbrella lights, Life Touch is back to take  more senior photos and an retakes. Smile....

School Pictures: Give or Take, A Laughing Matter.

Michael Berlin '11 (Above) and Lindsay Nelson '11 | Photos Contributed by Lindsay Nelson '11

September 22, 2010

Spencer Fox '11 Staff Writer “Ugh, I just look so awful in this picture, when are retakes?” or any variation on such a phrase are standard fair for post picture day proclamations. Picture day, for decades, has been a large part of high school tradition. It’s the day when students wea...

Lexi’s Holiday Wishlist

December 19, 2009

Lexi Preiser '10 Web Editor-in-Chief Perhaps it's my more organized side shining through, but I am a compulsive list maker. Lists of errands to complete, things to buy, and homework to do litter the pages of my notebooks. Thus, as the holiday season rolls around, what better list to make than my holi...

Staples Television Network Broadcasts First of Many Sports Games

Eric Gallanty '11, DJ Sixsmith '11, and Bobby Shea '11 had a very successful first broadcast on STN. | Courtesy of Westportnow

October 10, 2009

Cole Manley '11 News Editor On Sept. 26, the homecoming football game was broadcasted over Channel 78 by the newly formed Staples Television Network (STN) with audio from WWPT. Radio hosts and vice-presidents for STN, Eric Gallanty ’11 and DJ Sixsmith ’11, called the game with Mike Nussbaum ’11, a sideline reporter, and Bobby Shea ’11, respon...

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