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Haskell takes action in Hartford

Cory Booker announced his presidential campaign on Feb. 1. Haskell watches his announcement video to formulate an opinion on the new candidate.

Will Matar '21, Assistant Business Manager

February 8, 2019

State Senator Will Haskell has introduced three new bills focused on gun control into the State Senate since taking office on Jan. 14. These gun control regulations would ban ghost guns (firearms without serial numbers), sanction police to request access to gun licenses and limit bulk purchases of g...

Attending Winter Congress for the first time

The Staples Chapter of JSA poses in front of the Capitol Building when sightseeing on Friday, Feb. 26

Victoria Lubin, Staff Writer

March 15, 2016

By: Tori Lubin '18 Like a bird ready to pounce on his prey, I’m ready to attack my opponent. My words are my claws, prepared to slice apart any argument made against me. This is debate. This is my passion, a passion that drove to me to join Junior Statesman of America, a formal debating organization. My love f...

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