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Beatles Not The Infestation Bugs Anymore

Beatles Not The Infestation Bugs Anymore

December 6, 2010

Aaron Hendel ‘14 Staff Writer As The Beatles music became available on iTunes on November 16, 2010, the question arose: are The Beatles as influential in our generation as they were in previous ones? When they came to the states they changed the American culture. Hairstyles, clothing, and even the...

Here Comes the Sun: The Beatles Arrive to iTunes

Here Comes the Sun: The Beatles Arrive to iTunes

November 16, 2010

On Nov. 16, Apple Inc. announced that music by legendary rock band the Beatles would be made available for purchase through the iTunes Store. This deal was made after decades of dispute between Apple Inc. and Apple Corps, a multimedia corporation founded by the Beatles in 1968. Since 1978, when the Beatles ...

The Rockband Experience

A screenshot of the game itself showing the image on the screen as the player touches and changes the keys on the guitar. | Graphic by Andrew Bowles '13

October 2, 2009

While video game enthusiasts are going nuts, a lot of Beatles fans are shaking their heads at what they think could turn the band’s respect in a negative direction. Musicians at Staples have frequently said that the Rockband games are much harder to play than the real thing. “Making a game out of being able to play t...

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