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Riverdale’s partnership with Bumble is troubling

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Abby Fleming '20

March 7, 2019

Every Wednesday night, it has become a ritual for teens across the nation to settle into their couches, turn on the CW and watch the newest episode of “Riverdale”. The “Archie Comics” spinoff caters to an adolescent audience, the majority of which is comprised of girls. This is why their rec...

Mindfulness apps: the new way to meditate

Mindfulness apps: the new way to meditate

September 20, 2018

Julia Kasabian ’21 Everyone gets stressed, especially teens. That’s a fact. Whether it’s about school, family or friends, teens have a lot of stress. According to a 2013 study from The American Psychological Association, a healthy level of stress in teens is a 3.9 out of ten. Teen’s actual...

Toys ‘R’ Us files for bankruptcy and faces challenges in the modern marketplace

Toys ‘R’ Us files for bankruptcy and faces challenges in the modern marketplace

October 6, 2017

By Alexandra Sprouls ’19 Toys ‘R’ Us filed for bankruptcy in early September, facing pressure from the success of online businesses and the increasing usage of electronic games by children. “I was actually so surprised when I learned about Toys ‘R’ Us declaring bankruptcy because I used...

Snapchat streaks cause a frenzy

The number 20 represents that one person has been snapchatting another person for 20 straight days and have thus developed a “streak.”

Chase Gornbein, Staff Writer

March 4, 2016

Snapchat, the universal app that allows people to send pictures and videos to their friends for 10 seconds before they disappear forever, has students at Staples eager to gain new “streaks” with as many people as possible. A “streak” can be observed on one’s snapchat sidebar. After someone has e...

Snapchat update catches the attention of students

Staples High School

Jackson Livingstone, Staff Writer

September 16, 2015

On Tuesday, Sept. 15 the social media app Snapchat released an unexpected update that captured the attention of Staples students of every class. Laughter echoed throughout the library, hallways and classrooms as the new update, which included several new graphics and effects for user’s to play a...

“Wunderlist” creates wunderful organization skills

“Wunderlist” creates wunderful organization skills

Izzy Ullman, Opinions Editor

March 27, 2015

Believe it or not, about two months ago, I was not the same girl I am today. I was messy, stressed out, surprised by quizzes in class and was always remembering my homework at the last second. I mean, it’s not to say I didn’t have the basic organization skills down, I did. I had all my binders...

iPhone apps artificially enhance appearance of photos

Sarah Ellman, Staff Writer

August 25, 2014

A flat stomach, two-inch thigh gap, healthy bust, toned butt, perfect skin, flawless hair, and a scenic background is all any girl needs for her perfect profile picture. While these strict requirements may seem virtually unattainable, technology has proven them possible with just a swipe of the finger...

Games that flew through Staples

Will Dumke, Staff Writer

June 20, 2014

As seniors graduate high school in the most technological era to date, many look back on what techy trends have come and gone over their four years: specifically, which chart-topping Apps have entertained, bothered, and distracted them. 2010-2011: One of the games that still entertains students appeare...

Let’s face it

Let's face it

May 30, 2014

When Yik-Yak shoved its way into Staples, students didn’t know where to turn. We needed someone to tell us how to cope. We needed someone to tell us that it would be okay. We needed help. That day, the day Yik Yak first appeared, the administration said there was nothing they could do. Just ignore...

Dong Nguyen destroys “Flappy Bird,” reveals he is smartest man alive

Dong Nguyen destroys “Flappy Bird,” reveals he is smartest man alive

Michael Mathis, Staff Writer

February 9, 2014

It’s Feb. 8, 2014. Deep within the celestial make-up of an alternate universe, one video game designer, Dong Nguyen, can’t bring himself to hit “Tweet” on a post announcing his decision to take down “Flappy Bird,” his aggressively admired application which sat comfortably atop the “Top F...

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