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Silverman’s Farm: A one-stop shop for all fall necessities

The orchard at Silverman’s Farm has many different types of apples that can be picked after a quick tractor ride to the top of the hill.

Emma Van Riper ’20, Evi Tarshis ’20 and Ella Bloomingdale ’20

October 2, 2019

Silverman’s Farm: The Continued Tradition of Apple Picking

Silverman's Farm: The Continued Tradition of Apple Picking

October 2, 2017

By Bailey Blaikie '19 Although fall is not yet in full swing, apple picking at Silverman’s Farm in Easton, Connecticut has been packed with visitors for weeks now. Silverman’s Farm is is a family owned farm located about 20 minutes away from Westport. The farm specializes in pumpkin, apple...

Silverman’s becomes a staple in students’ fall season

Abby Lamb ’18, A&E Editor

October 19, 2015

Each year when the air turns crisp and the leaves turn orangy yellow, Silverman’s Farm becomes a fall tradition for many students. “It’s part of my fall culture, my family’s been doing it for as long as I can remember,” Charlie Colasurdo ’18 stated. The bumpy ride through the leaf-st...

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