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Quinn Hughes

Being on varsity for all four years of high school is something not many athletes at Staples can says they’ve accomplished.
But for senior volleyball superstar, Quinn Hughes ‘16, he has been apart of the varsity team since his freshman year. He is known to be the “outside hitter”, and not only does he make his presence on the courts but Hughes is also a two-year writer for Inklings.
He originally was the opinions paper editor, and then gradually made his way to become the breaking news editor. Hughes enjoys Inklings because he feels like there is ”a lot more freedom and it’s a student run organization where we can take charge and really make the paper our own.”
Over the summer Hughes took not a single break from writing, as he, and many other Inklings members, traveled to Columbia University to take part in their Journalism summer program. “We really got to learn a lot there, and they taught us so many things that we can bring back to Inklings” Hughes said.
“We got to work on how to write articles better, and really how to become a better journalist. They gave us some great tips for interviewing and tricks that will help us get better quotes”. Hughes hopes to make his senior year the best year of high school, and is excited for all the opportunities once he graduates high school.

Quinn Hughes, Breaking News Managing Editor

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Quinn Hughes