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Kaila Finn
Kaila Finn’s creativity is showcased not only in her writing forInklings but in her love for cooking. Finn loves all things food. She reads cookbooks, watches the Food Network, and even has her own blog about food called “What’s cooking?” on her blog, she posts recipes, quick tips, and reviews of new restaurants.

Finn says, “Food is a big part of my life.” Cooking isn’t just a pastime for Finn; she plans to take her love for food a step farther and pursue a career in the food industry. Her dream job is to be the editor in chief of Gourmetmagazine or Bon Appétit magazine. This way she can incorporate her passion for journalism into her cooking career. Not only is she interested in a career in cooking, but she also aspires to be a high school English teacher.

Finn was drawn to journalism because of her passion for reading and writing, and her goal of crafting writing that “makes readers think differently.” In her time as a journalist, she has become a master of description, particularly in describing food. Finn says her love for food helps in her writing, and she especially enjoys reviewing restaurants and describing dishes. She has quite the expertise in food and knows where to find good restaurants. Finn says the restaurant scene in Westport is disappointing; therefore her favorite restaurant is The Chelsea in Fairfield.

Finn’s love for food and journalism complement each other well. And as for “What’s cooking?” in Kaila’s kitchen, it is clear a bright future in both food and journalism is in the works.

Kaila Finn, Web News Editor

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