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Senior Julia Greenspan ’16 takes her own route as she continues into her third year of

Inklings. After being thrown in mid way through her Sophomore year, learning the ropes on her

own made her realize she didn’t have to follow in everyone else's footsteps.

Starting with a publicity supplement showed Greenspan there was more to journalism

than just writing. What interested her the most was the social media aspect. Taking on a new

position that was never filled before led her to where she is today; the PR manager. Before

Greenspan, social media did not have a big place in Inklings, but now with its own facebook,

snapchat, and instagram account everything from school news to sports games are shared

throughout the town.

Greenspan describes her experience in Inklings as a “success story” and expresses that

this class showed her what she wants to do in the future.

Julia Greenspan, Public Relations

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