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Jen Gouchoe ’16 is no stranger to the arts. In her Sophomore year she joined Inklings as a staff writer, and has been an active participant since; while this year, she is web Features editor. But journalism is not her only talent. Outside of school, Gouchoe has pursued piano for the last 11 years. And she wants to continue her studying music in college, where she plans to minor in it.

This summer, she spent five days playing piano at an intensive music camp. Although she wasn't expecting to enjoy herself, the camp managed to surprise her. "It was really stressful and crazy and chaotic, but I met really cool people and really cool teachers,” Gouchoe said. “It ended up being like the best experience of my life. It was just really inspired me to work really hard on my piano stuff this year."


Jen Gouchoe, Web Features Editor

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