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Jacob Chernok, Staff Writer
They always say to never judge a book by its cover, and Jake Chernok ‘13 is definitely not a story to pass by. For someone who comes off as laid back, easy going, and lazy—as he calls himself, there’s certainly a deeper side to him.

As a survivor of a recent brain surgery in February, Chernok admits that the event has given him a rather different outlook on life.

“[The surgery] made me more honest about the way I felt, no hiding feelings or holding anything in,” Chernok said. Chernok plans to use thing mentality specifically in his writing for Inklings.

Through such a difficult surgery, Chernok learned to appreciate the little things in life and not take things for granted.

Being a staff writer on Inklings for the first time, Chernok plans on writing multiple opinion pieces while exploring other aspects of the newspaper. Chernok plans on spending the upcoming year broadening his horizons in the journalism world.

Chernok has previously written for Westport News, the Westport Patch, and other major local news sites, but is excited to get his opinions across to the public through Inklings for the very first time.

Jacob Chernok, Staff Writer, Staff Writer

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Jacob Chernok, Staff Writer