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Izzy Ullmann
Not only does Izzy Ullmann ’17 spend long hours after school with the Inklings staff, but she also is a well rounded person with a variety of interests, including her devotion to staying healthy. “There gets to a point where it doesn't matter if I have so much homework, I just need to get to the gym and workout,” Ullmann ’17 said. Because of her balanced life, the stress of school does not seem to weigh her down. A passion for language has put her in AP spanish this year, and with a beaming smile she talks of her experience in Spain, which made her “sensitive about language barriers...also just about including people when they look like they’re lost or they don’t have friends.” This kindness and motivation made her Opinions editor her first year of Inklings, continuing on to be the Features editor this year, having created the popular section, “Humans of Staples.”

Izzy Ullmann, Features Editor

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Izzy Ullmann