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Grace McCarthy

When Grace McCarthy ’16 moved from New Zealand less than a year ago, she had no idea that she would discover her passion and potential career in America; journalism.

McCarthy said that “living in America has really opened up a lot of doors [for her] to pursue [her] writing.” Back home, McCarthy’s high school didn’t offer a journalism class, so she eagerly signed up for the class at Staples.

In journalism this year, McCarthy likes to write features and reviews. McCarthy explained that because she is from another country, she writes differently and likes to cover topics from back home. For example, she wrote an article about how the earthquake in New Zealand, that happened in February 2011, impacted her. McCarthy puts a personal spin on the story’s angle, making it relatable to her audience.

The New Zealand newspaper “The Press” is delivered to her house every day, which allows her to keep up with everything happening back home.

Even though McCarthy enjoys her life in Westport, she can’t wait to go New Zealand and use her journalism experience.

McCarthy plans to move back to New Zealand with her family at the end of her junior year. Her goal is to go to Massey University of Wellington, New Zealand because they have a great journalism program that will help her pursue her passion.

Grace McCarthy , Staff Writer

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Grace McCarthy