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Claire O’Halloran, Web A&E Editor
A team player on and off the field, even with a knee injury, Claire O’Halloran ’13 is ready to jump into another great year of Inklings. Before her Staples journalism journey, O’Halloran always liked writing and really enjoyed (reading) newspaper articles that were humorous and memorable to her. She took Intro to Journalism her freshman year, and found that she really enjoyed journalism, and now loves everything about Advanced and journalism in general.

Besides journalism O’Halloran enjoys music and tennis and being a part of Staples’ varsity soccer team, but an injured Claire, someone who always likes being busy, is thankful for having Inklings and all of its’ busyness and action.

As web A&E editor and veteran web Feature and Opinions editor its no surprise that O’Halloran is one of the web’s biggest fans. She is attracted to how it is a place for instant information and quick answers. “The web is the future,” she said. “It’s the way to go.” O’Halloran also appreciates that her stories can be seen by anyone, anytime, any place all around the world.

Overall she is excited for her final year with Inklings “We have a huge staff with a lot of new talent and it’s going to be great.”

Claire O'Halloran, Web A&E Editor, Web A&E Editor

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Claire O’Halloran, Web A&E Editor