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Casey Lu
Casey Lu ’16 is not your typical Staples student. A city girl at heart and a lover of the color black, Lu sees the world a bit differently from the majority of the Staples student body.

        Following a year at the Hyde School in Woodstock, Connecticut, Lu is back at Staples for her senior year. “I am new to the class [of 2016], but not to the school,” she said.

        This is Lu’s first year as a staff writer on Inklings; her interest in the subject was piqued during sophomore year after she took Intro to Journalism. Her love of the news has made her an avid reader of the New York Daily and the Atlantic.

        “Although I may not want to pursue [journalism] as a major in college, I will definitely look to take a few classes,” Lu said.

Casey Lu, Staff Writer

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Casey Lu