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Ashton Dedona
Ashton Dedona ’17 is going against the grain and letting life take her which ever

direction it may go. “I’ve never been in a club or group like Inklings,” this first­year Inklings

staff writer gushes.

She admires the community made up of many personalities and the many facets,

positions and jobs within the publication. While she is not yet committed to the web or paper,

she looks to get a feel for the whole program before getting solely involved. “If the whole

publication is something I really am interested in,” Dedona says, “then I will look to pursue it for

the rest of high school and really show dedication.”

For now, she hopes to learn the ropes and improve her writing in the meantime. Dedona

says being able to be the one reporting a story is a truly an “incomparable experience.”

Ashton Dedona, Staff Writer

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Ashton Dedona