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Amelia Brown
Trying to “make it” as Amelia Brown put it, takes a major effort in any area of your life. Whether it be in a sport like basketball, a career in jewelry making, an editor on Inklings staff, or just being a teenager. But everything is a “good chance, so take it.” All of these activities, Brown is actively engaged in. Brown has certainly made it in Inklings, as she is only a sophomore and already a Sports Editor for the Red Staff. Her passion for basketball and field hockey pursued her to be a sports editor as it combines her love for sports and journalism. In the future she hopes to continue being an editor, taking up any activities that pass her by, and have fun with her teammates and co-editors. This school year is sure to show great things of Brown, as she claims it’s already, “nice to get back to it.”

Amelia Brown, Sports Editor

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Amelia Brown