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Abby Fleming ’20
Abby Fleming ’20 has always considered herself shy. However, when she joined Advanced Journalism, she was forced to step out of her comfort zone.
“In the beginning, I was super nervous to even pick up a story. I was scared that somebody else could do it better than me,” she said.
While Fleming believes joining Inklings was a risk, she has learned to be more outspoken through her position as a staff writer.
Fleming also participates in the track and cross country teams. However, she does not have as big of a passion for it.
“[Track] meets are my least favorite thing,” she said, laughing, “because I get nervous under pressure.” Despite this fear of working under pressure, Fleming is excited to continue writing for Inklings, and knows it will help her become more confident.

Abby Fleming '20, Staff Writer

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Abby Fleming ’20