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Caroline Lane
Not many High Schoolers can say that they got to hang out with elephants over the summer but that’s what makes Caroline Lane ’16 stand out.

Where the average high schooler might be off at sleepaway camp or working a summer job, Lane was off in Thailand going after her ambitious goal of making a difference.

Lane worked at an elephant rehabilitation center for two weeks, as well as teaching English in the community.

However, Lane doesn’t have to travel across the globe to help out, she makes a difference right here in Fairfield County. In addition to being on on Inklings, Lane helps out with many charities including Kool to be Kind and National Charity League.

Lane joined Inklings in order to pave the way for her lifelong ambition: being a travel journalist.  

“I would love to go all around the world and then still be able to come back home,” Lane said.

Caroline Lane, Opinions Editor

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Caroline Lane