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Tatiana Morales, Staff Writer

Tatiana Morales, Staff Writer, Staff Writer

When passing Tati Morales ’15 in the halls, one probably won’t plainly see what are arguably the most colorful things at Staples: the soles of her shoes. Indeed, the bottoms of her unsuspecting neon green-laced sneakers are smattered with chunks of red, blue and green plastic.

But there’s much more to the newcomer on the Inklings staff than her exciting shoes—her passion for English has been lifelong, and she’s eager to exercise her writing skills through journalism, while also contributing to the newsroom.

“I can’t wait to see, firsthand, the whole process of making the paper go from start to finish,” Morales said.

Morales, a staff writer, got her start on the staff pretty quickly after her review of Rise Against’s 2011 single “Make It Stop (September’s Children)” was posted on the Inklings website, a notable feat for a Staples student not in the Advanced Journalism class.

Morales is also excited for her new class standing at Staples. Now a sophomore, Morales anticipates the privileges that will come having effectively left the colloquially dubbed “freshman ghetto.”

Outside of Inklings, Morales babysits, preps for softball season and practices scales on the piano, which she has played since fourth grade.

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