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Sami Bautista, Web Sports Editor

Sami Bautista, Web Sports Editor, Web Sports Editor

While most Inklings staff members are spending time on their newest articles, Sami Bautista is busy being the captain of the lacrosse team--as well as writing her next article. How does she do it? She should take up a new sport: juggling.

Although Bautista’s passion for sports, such as lacrosse and field hockey, continues to burn bright, she just couldn’t resist being a part of the paper.  Last year, she held the web features editor position, and this year Captain Sami will take on the roll of being the staff’s newest web sports editor.

Bautista is ecstatic to take on her new paper position, as it will allow her to write about all aspects of sports. She feels as if it will give her the ability to bond her two interests together. Her articles will include game scores, statistics and news throughout the seasons.

“Even though the practices for lacrosse are so hard each day, the feelings you get after winning a game makes it all pay off. I also feel the same way when I finish the article I have been writing,” said Bautista ‘13.

Bautista’s ability to remain dedicated to both of her school activities proves that it really is possible to be an all-rounder. There’s only one thing left to say: aye aye, captain.

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