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Jenny Lupoff

Jenny Lupoff, Staff Writer

At Staples High School, you’ll find many kids, clipboard and to-do-list in hand, who think they have their entire life planned out. Jenny Lupoff, on the other hand, is taking a different approach to high school.

Dabbling in many different activities and interests, she’s figuring out what she likes to do bit by bit.

“I have a twin sister who is the complete opposite of me,” Jenny said. “She’s really into math and science and knows what she wants to do with her life.”

As a new addition to the Inklings staff, she didn’t realize journalism would be of interest to her until later on in her high school career. Over the summer, she participated in a marketing and advertising program at Columbia, discovering her interest in communications -- not just the business aspect, but the journalism aspect, as well.

Aside from communications, she’s interested in history, political science, and psychology. Although she’s not really sure what she wants to major in in college, she “really want[s] to get a taste of everything in college.”

Right now though, Jenny has been volunteering in the Family and Children’s agency, a program for middle schoolers in Norwalk. Over the summer and after school, she’ll tutor the kids there, help them with their homework, and sometimes even play card games with them.

And of course, Jenny winds down by enjoying various tv shows. “I’m a big comedy person,” she said, listing "SNL," "The Mindy Project," and "How I Met Your Mother" as some of the shows she watches frequently.

Although Jenny may differ from those who have their college and career paths planned out, she’s embracing the true purpose of high school by discovering her interests in many different subjects and activities.


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Jenny Lupoff