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Meet the staff

Editors-In-Chief: Sophie Driscoll and Melanie Lust

Web Managing Editors: Elliot Kaufman and Maddie Phelps

Paper Managing Editors: Bailey Blaikie and  Layla Wofsy

Breaking News/Public Relations Directors: Daniel Harizman and Lili Romann

Social Media Directors: Cate Casparius and Bri Zeiberg

Broadcast Directors:  Zach Horowitz and Jack Shapiro

Associate Managing Editors: Amanda Kaplowitz and Alexandra Sprouls

Outreach Manager: Kaya Leitner

Creative Director: Carolyn Gray

Assistant Creative Directors: Katie Howard and Poppy Livingstone

Business Directors: Caroline Donohue and Emily Stone

Assistant Business Managers: Emma Dantas, and Will Matar


Web Editors

News: Lily Kane and Eddie Kiev

Opinions: Sophie Casey and Marlo Von der Ahe

Features: Ali Korn and Remy Teltser

A & E: Maya Reiner and Serena Ye

Sports: Alex Massoud and Lucy Arrow


Paper Editors

Red News: Maya Brodows and Kaela Dockray

Blue News: Audrey Bernstein and Allie D’Angelo

Red Opinions: Zach Strober and Lauren Wasserman

Blue Opinions: Nicky Brown and Siri Kanter

Red A & E: Lia Chen and Jack Dennison

Blue A & E: Kevin Ludy and Rachel Suggs

Red Features: Roxy Augeri and Dana Perelberg

Blue Features: Chelsea Fox and Emma Van Riper

Red Sports: Eli Corenthal and Lys Goldman

Blue Sports: Hannah Bolandian and Andreas Lolis


Staff Writers:

Eloise Ahl
Madison Andrews
Eliza Barr
Ella Bloomingdale
Mia Daignault
Mark Didio
Teddy Dienst
Elle Fair
Abby Fleming
Molly Gold
Kevin Greer
Annabelle Iannone
Rebecca Kanfer
Carly Kaplowitz
Julia Kasabian
Reece Keusch
Jackson Lev
Remi Levitt
Seth McCoy
Lexie Moskovit
Grady Narang
Jake Navarro
Kevin Rabacs
Hannah Schmidt
Greg Settos
Ava Simunovic
Chelsea Strober
Evi Tarshis
Sam Zuckerman

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Meet the staff