[December 2017] The complete guide to gifting this holiday

Megan Doyle ’18

December and all of its festive cheer is approaching its climax very soon. With Christmas a mere four days away, time is of the essence to find a perfect gift for those you love. But fear not, the amazing and brilliant Megan Doyle is here to provide tips and guide you through the treacherous journey of gift-buying.

I am not here to judge that you haven’t bought a gift yet (I’m not kidding when I tell you that my dad and I go shopping almost every Christmas Eve). So take a deep breath and consider the following options.

First, you might follow the advice of Malini Wimmer ’18. “I would recommend a homemade gift,” Wimmer said. “It shows that you took the time and the thought to do it yourself.”
Violet Cooper ’21 recalled one of her favorite sentimental gifts when her friends created a video compilation for her birthday.

“It was really nice to receive something that I could keep forever,” Cooper said. “It also portrayed all of my memories with my friends in one video which was really nice.”

I think it’s important to note that this video didn’t drain Cooper’s friends’ bank accounts, but it’s something she can continue to cherish. In other words, a good gift doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. What matters is the intention behind it.

Another approach is to give a gift that will help someone remember you. Even ordinary items will remind loved ones that you’re always there for them.

“I got a mug from my best friend once. It had a really pretty slogan on it, and I use it everyday and think of her,” Wimmer said. “It’s very sweet.”

The actual present will depend on the person. So, I implore you to close your eyes, take your time and really think about this person who you care about.

But the best advice might be to pay closer attention to requests people make before the big holiday.

“Anytime a friend happens to say, ‘Oh I really wish I had…’, write it down,” Nathanael Metke ’18 suggested. “They’ll be really surprised you remembered.”

But, if you’re still unsure of what to get, and the Christmas party is almost two days away, I would recommend a photo in a frame. Go to CVS, print out a photo, buy a tasteful frame, and voila! It’s cheap, thoughtful and memorable.